Final project and first blog ever !


As Simona say’s it going solo, entering the third phase of CIID after an intense and engaging eight months of foundation and investigative projects. I have lived every moment of this program, which also excites me going further solo.  During the coming two months of my final project I want to revisit all my skills that I acquired here. Following the design process and iterative prototyping is my two favourite part of being an interaction designer. I love the way CIID practices the interaction design mantra with the three words.


The rigorous training at CIID has changed they way I perceive design and technology both. I do believe design has the potential to change the world we live in and I certainly aspire to implement this through every project I will work on; besides, I also believe that good design involves minimal technology intervention making it user friendly, scale-able and cost effective.

My starting point for final project went little back in time when I introspected on Alie and David’s comments during my mid-term exams:

Your topic should be relevant to Denmark as this will make it much easier for you to gain first-hand insight. Keep in mind that the process you use can be later transferred to another context and customized according to local needs.

This actually has encouraged me to read Danish newspaper/articles and I am excited to find a topic that I am keen to learn about. For the coming two months I am going to learn more about Attention deficiency hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I am glad to find a topic which is socially relevant, contextually suitable and hopefully approachable.

Meanwhile this is how class looked like at Day 1


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