Ideas are cheap and execution is everything…

I often heard this in my career and can relate to it to my core after running Lucida (a photographer’s collective based in India) for three years prior to CIID. But there is something exciting about coming up with ideas; the sharing discourse on ideas, relaxed and informal approach to thinking itself.

Brainstorming and ideation are sessions where designers/individuals are refrained to judge or criticize any thoughts, which means may be the only public platform where you can be yourself without any judgments. It allows everyone to participate where diversity brings the variety of thoughts.

This is exactly how I felt couple of days ago in a brainstorming aimed to shape a new project sponsored by Intel: the Intel IxD Public Media Platform (working title). I enjoyed free and open environment that encourages everyone to participate. To my surprise, the paramount was making a team with people whom I have never worked or interacted with. A two-hour session offered me to learn about others and our ability to connect based on interests.


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