Initial Statement

Name: Arunima Singh

Nationality: Indian

Background: Photography Design, Film making

I want my final project to….

I believe design has the potential to change the world we live in and I aspire to implement this through every project I will work on; besides, I also believe that good design involves minimal technology intervention making it user friendly, scale-able and cost effective. Healthcare and education are the two subjects very close to my heart. But for the final project, I want to work in the area of health care. I also intend to make my project work become medium to engage with companies I aspire to work for.  I aspire to work with Design consultancies that are working on social Innovation (IDEO and Frog). I hope to make a project which reflects my abilities as designer without loosing much focus on people.

I am inspired by….

Keeping health and education in my mind and based on my investigation on appealing project areas on these subjects in Denmark, I am exploring the possibility of working in the area of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), which is found in children and known as Attention Deficit Disorder in adults.

I am keen on exploring the subject of cognitive diversity in ADD adults or children. My intent is to see how design can be leveraged to help solve/cure problems caused by ADD/ADHD. While technology advancements made in the last decade have enabled us to address several of our challenges better, I believe that there is a significant scope for improvement. Also, we have reached a threshold where incremental changes require tremendous intelligence, innovation and improvisation. I wish to apply them in the areas of social welfare, in particular; education and health care in general. Some of the projects that inspire me are:

Starting Point:

There are lot of debates around ADD/ADHD and theories around it. What has been widely discussed and acceptable is that people with ADD/ADHD display cognitive diversity. I am interested in exploring the aspects of cognitive diversity in ADHD kids. Through my project I intend develop and create a healthier understanding of ADHD and am hoping to realise the possibility of making every child learn.

During the research project, I set out to develop concepts for services and products that make everyday life easier, more fun and less frustrating for ADHD people. By designing for people with ADHD, I aspire to develop the competence to develop design solutions for any kind of situation. Some of the points the questions that I am interested in are:

1) How do we educate ADHD children to take their place in the economies of 21st century?

2) How can we remedy the emotionally distraught brain state, which is inhibiting classroom learning for ADHD children?

3) How might we learn to manage the symptoms of adult ADD/ADHD? (Understanding ADD adults & ADHD children given the challenges of Attention deficit disorder are debatable?

So far my exploration has been limited to literature reading about ADD/ADHD. I have been referring to papers and seminar content on: Emotions, Learning and Education.


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