I am a life-long student of design, wedded to the idea that powerful design can be used to solve the complex problems confronting the world; I am currently working with the Innovation Studios of Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design (CIID) as a Senior Project Lead. I have been leading teams and clients through a human-centred design approach to drive outcomes that help organisations map their growth opportunities. 


Before joining CIID, I  worked with Studio 5B – the innovation and design centre of Dr.Reddy’s, one of India’s largest pharmaceutical companies. At Studio 5B, I designed a service that helps smokers quit smoking for good and designed a solution to simplify medicine management for chronic & elderly patients.

Prior to my academic and professional foray into solution designing, I was an entrepreneur and co-founder of Lucida, a visual design collective enterprise. In addition to my Master’s Degree in Interaction Design from CIID, which I graduated with honours, I also hold graduate degrees in Development Studies and Photography Design.

How I work?

Maximum intelligence and profound simplicity are key values that I relentlessly try to apply to my design endeavors.

Maximum intelligence: Design requires an intense understanding of all factors relevant to the design context; most of them are apparent, while many are not. Good design process requires significant application of intelligence in understanding the problem statement and deciphering the operating context, to design solutions in ways that matter the most. This intelligence is a mix of one’s capabilities to ideate, innovate, listen, ask the right questions, iterate, extrapolate, apply logic, adopt data rigor, validate, and even laugh at oneself.

Profound simplicity: Profound simplicity is an oxymoron, but so is the construct of powerful design. Design has to be very simple for the end user – so simple that the design should be able to make the challenge/problem it is designed to address as an illusion that doesn’t exist. Through my design constructs, I endeavor to deliver maximum output with minimal input.

The Interaction Design Program at CIID has sensitized me to the importance of putting people at the center of my design process; it also taught me to make the maximum use of technology in my design approach, while always remembering that technology is merely a means to a powerful design and not its end. Of all stages of the design process, I particularly enjoy human centered research, service development, prototyping and developing narratives.

What I would like to do?

I am interested in designing services and interactions that would influence behaviors to enable people make right choices. I aspire to design solutions that are completely agnostic to user backgrounds such as socio-economic conditions, education levels and technology proficiency. I am particularly keen on designing solutions that address the key challenges of emerging economies.

My interests

In addition to photography and collecting vintage photographs, my interests include travelling, experiencing new cultures and understanding socio-economic norms of different societies.